Paul Duncan
Business Coach and Marketing  Strategist
P: 0433440881

Meet Paul Duncan

Paul Duncan –CEO of Competitive Edge Coaching is a successful Business and Marketing Strategist & Entrepreneur and has been involved in business marketing, development and growth for over 25 years helping business owners globally in their Business Development and Marketing strategies, Using his CEC Marketing Equation Formula- Paul has transformed many small to large businesses and their owners to a level that others only dream about.

Paul has combined his skills and knowledge gained by owning and operating 12 business and working with  his clients to publish his first book “Abundance” in 2015 and second book “Dominate Your Market” in 2016.
He is currently working on his next book –Due for release in early 2020.
Passionate about having a balanced level between work and family, with 4 kids and 3 grandkids.
Paul believes there is an importance in spending quality time at home. As the say” You can spend all your money and keep making more but once you have spent your time it gone forever”