Recipe For Success – Competitive Edge Coaching Group

Hi I thought you might be interested in this. It’s quite a bit cheaper than my one-on-one coaching and the groups seem to do well with referrals and helping each other grow their business.

I am a Business Coach and Lead Generation & Marketing Strategist, and I am presently putting together a  Online Virtual Group Coaching Session together which will start in March 2021 and will run for 12 Months – You can start at any time but once the group is full, I can accept any more participants ..

Here are some details….

I am forming a Virtual Group Coaching Session starting March 2021 which will run every Thursday for 90 mins 7.30am -9.00am

It will be quite a bit cheaper than my usual coaching packages. The monthly fee (Normally $497) is $397 and you will get access to….

  • My Cec E-Learning program worth $197 per month
  • 90 Mins Live weekly group coaching calls worth $1000 a month
  • Access to my website with 1 million dollars’ worth of Business Coaching and 2 million dollars’ worth of turn-key advertising in 120 different fields
  • An assigned accountability partner with whom you can share ideas and challenge each other
  • A closed group of 12 with only one business type per seat to network with and grow your business
  • A closed Facebook group to share ideas with and mentor each other

There is one catch, in exchange for this highly discounted rate, businesses’ will be admitted by invitation only, will be required to fill out an assessment sheet after each session, a confidentiality agreement, and will need to grant me permission to use some of the results in my next book. We will also track our progress and review monthly so we can watch how our businesses are growing.

I usually charge $497 per month, but because this is my first Virtual Coaching Group, I can allocate some Business Funding to and utilizing the E-Learning in this manner, essentially using this group as my beta group, I am willing to only charge $197 to the first 12 attendees in exchange for feedback.

I have a lot of interested parties, so if you are interested, have questions or need more specifics please fill out the following information and pass back to me. It is one industry per seat, so first come, first serve.