Competitive Edge Coaching Programs

CEC to Achieving Business Success

Is your business headed in the right direction? While there might be other coaching, consultancy or training companies that can deal with isolated elements of your business.

Competitive Edge Coaching with its proven systems can evaluate and significantly improve every aspect of your business.
Working with a CEC coach will help unlock your company’s true potential, enabling you to achieve the kind of success that you only dreamed about!

CEC 7 Steps to Small Business Success & Development

    • Audit- Analyse and identify the strengths and weaknesses in you as a leader, your team, and your business so you can develop a step by step plan for the growth of your business.
    • Enhance- Improve and enrich your current business procedures and processes so you can achieve maximum results.
    • Systems- Build new techniques and better business systems that you do not have in place at the moment but is required to become a highly profitable enterprise.
    • Record- Document all changes so you develop your own set of operational manuals and procedures.
    • KPIs- Identify your key performance indicators (KPI’s) so you can measure performance and be able to structure a business management information system that allows you to see what is actually happening in your business and giving you more control over your business going forward.
    • Plan- Together we work out what needs to be done and when, from there we document the process. This will include discussions about an exit strategy for you and your business.
    • Action- The most important part of the success of you and your business is we take all the steps and put them in to action. You will be held accountable to get things done and build your business to the next level. 

    If you have any questions or queries regarding any of the programs Competitive Edge Coaching can offer, please feel free to call Paul on 0433 440 881 or E-mail

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