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Competitive Edge Coaching

Welcome to Competitive Edge Coaching where we help you Give Your Business the Edge.

All great and successful athletes have a coach, someone to give advice, set strategies and mentor to extract the skills and best performance from the sport person in their chosen field, this is no difference in business coaching. Without a coach business owners might never reach their full potential and achieve their goal and visions.

Paul Duncan, being a successful small business owner & entrepreneur has been involved in business development and growth for 15 years is recognised by his peers for the ability to manage teams, identify continuous change and implement actions to reduce cost, enhance quality in customer service and increase margins.

Every business owner has different challenges, budgets, resources, visions, skills and motivation levels. So, the first step is to find out exactly what you need with a full analysis report of you and your Business.

Paul Duncan, owner and business coach is offering an obligation free introductory session for all businesses.